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Pine pollen powder is used for the treatment of chronic diseases and tumors. Contains about 20 amino acids, 7 of which are irreplaceable, more than 30 micro- and macro elements, about 100 enzymes and coenzymes. Source of natural vitamins and minerals.


Despite having plenty to eat, a significant portion of the world’s population is burdened with poor health. Due to current eating habits, most of the world is, in fact, starving for nutrients. Much of what we eat today is highly processed and loaded with harmful ingredients. All the empty calories—devoid of vital nutrients—lead to the impairment of key system functions. Our bodies and minds rely on a steady stream of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein, healthy carbohydrates and essential fatty acids to function optimally.


When we don’t get enough of these, it can result in cellular starvation, sluggish organ function, unsatisfied appetites, overeating, and a lack of vitality.


The pine pollen used as a raw material in the product is collected from unpolluted virgin mountainous areas of China. It is harvested naturally and then processed at low temperatures so as not to destroy its cell wall. The end result is a product of superior quality that is over 99% digestible.


Pine pollen has an adaptogenic character that will take care of the specific needs of your body and apply its action in areas where it is needed.


Pine pollen powder is used to treat chronic diseases and cancers, such as colon tumor, prostate cancer, breast tumor.


The best choice you can make to have a strong immune system. In Asian cultures, it has been described as a powerful adaptogen and one of the best sources of energy.


  • Pine pollen raises energy levels and eliminates fatigue - contains a balanced set of nutrients needed to relieve fatigue quickly and reliably. It is useful for adults and middle-aged people, as well as for those who perform heavy physical labor. In addition, studies conducted by the Chinese Olympic Committee's Doping Control Center show that pine pollen contains no prohibited components. Therefore, it is an ideal stimulant for ATHLETES.


  • Pine pollen slows down aging - contains a large amount of antioxidants such as vitamin C, carotene, trace elements such as selenium, etc., each of which can limit the excessive oxidation of lipids and proteins and therefore slow down the aging process. With prolonged intake of Pine pollen, you can remove senile plaques (extracellular accumulations of amyloid in the gray matter of the brain causing nerve cell degeneration and impaired brain function), restore your vitality, delay aging and prolong your life.


  • Pine pollen prevents aging of the skin and increases its elasticity, heals and moisturizes it. Therefore, pine pollen is called "edible cosmetics". Pine pollen is rich in amino acids that can be absorbed by skin cells, contains natural vitamins and minerals and many types of enzymes. In particular, the combination of vitamins C, E, B complex contained in the pine pollen can activate cells and maintain a high level of superoxide dismutase activity (SOD), an antioxidant enzyme produced in the human body that neutralizes free radicals, preventing adverse effects on cells and tissues). Therefore, pine pollen is able to eliminate free radicals, inhibit the formation of pigment and aging spots, whiten skin and give it a healthy appearance. Pine pollen shrinks and eliminates freckles and also makes hair shiny and lush. Using pine pollen in cosmetic masks with the addition of egg yolk, vegetable oil, honey will bring huge benefits to the skin.


  • Pine pollen contains about one hundred enzymes that can stimulate bowel function, improve appetite, and aid digestion. It has a regulatory effect on the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Pine pollen can cure constipation because of its rich nutritional properties. The intake of pine pollen can quickly eliminate constipation caused by dyspepsia (a term that summarizes various digestive problems in the gastrointestinal tract) and diseases of the upper digestive tract, since it eliminates disturbances in the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.


  • Pine pollen ensures the normal functioning of liver cells, normalizes bile secretion and helps the liver deal with toxins. Many experiments confirm that pine pollen is able to protect liver cells. In addition, the intake of pine pollen after alcohol helps the liver recover.


  • Pine pollen helps the heart and blood vessels function, improves metabolism and regulates the endocrine system. The magnesium contained in the pollen not only activates the enzyme system but also serves as a carrier of some nutrients. Flavonoids contained in pine pollen can significantly reduce blood lipids and cholesterol. Vitamins increase the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and improve microcirculation in the heart and brain.


  • Pine pollen is suitable for the treatment of prostate diseases - it contains proteins, vitamins, trace elements, flavonoids and more. These substances improve the body overall, regulating many of its functions. The pollen provides a balanced diet, enhancing metabolism, flowing freely through the cell wall due to the small size of the its molecule. Pollen also stimulates the endocrine glands and therefore plays an important role in the healing of diseases caused by endocrine dysfunction. Pollen-containing substances can improve blood flow to the prostate tissue, reduce swelling and blockage of the urethra caused by prostate hyperplasia (abnormal quantitative enlargement of cells). Flavonoids contained in pine pollen have a strong antioxidant capacity, which also contributes to the improvement of the prostate.


  • Pine pollen is not only a very valuable nutritional product but also an excellent cure for diabetes. The pollen vitamins, trace elements and macronutrients protect the cells of the pancreas, stimulate insulin production and regulate blood sugar levels. According to recent studies, the use of pine pollen is a safe and effective dietary therapy for patients with diabetes.


  • Pine pollen has an unexpected healing effect in various diseases, such as colds, anemia, hypertension, asthma, rhinitis, etc., due to the fact that it is a natural source of nutrients, increases immunity. When used externally, it can be used as a hemostatic and healing agent for wounds and abrasions and atopic dermatitis in children. Not only is it a magic cure for all kinds of wounds and ulcers, but also an excellent means of caring for baby's delicate skin.


Benefits of taking pollen:

  • Strengthens the immune system by protecting against viruses and bacteria;
  • Provides protection, recovery and normal functioning of the liver;
  • Has a unique curative effect on respiratory diseases (including tuberculosis);
  • Regulates the gastrointestinal tract, cures constipation of different nature;
  • Improves the cardiovascular system, strengthens the blood vessels, and reduces blood pressure;
  • Regulates the function of the endocrine system;
  • It is a strong antioxidant and easily removes toxins from the body;
  • Has antitumor activity - suppresses the growth of tumor cells and their multiplication, helps quickly recover after chemotherapy, helps with oncology;
  • Helps cure prostate diseases and improve/prevents impotence;
  • Slows down aging, restores vitality and prolongs active life;
  • Stimulates insulin production, regulates blood sugar levels;
  • Relieves fatigue, gives strength and energy;
  • Heals, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin;
  • Fills the deficiency of amino acids, vitamins and minerals,
  • Promotes hormonal balance by regulating the ratio of androgens to estrogens;
  • Enhances memory and concentration;
  • It speeds up metabolism;
  • Helps relieve symptoms and discomfort during menopause.


Pine pollen can also be applied externally:

  • Successfully influences various skin problems - acne, eczema, slimming, impetigo;
  • Heals, hydrates and regenerates the skin;
  • Has a pronounced anti-aging effect.


Pine pollen is a vital superfood that will greatly improve your overall health.


Some of the useful substances that contain:

Vitamins Minerals
Vitamin A Sodium
Thiamine (B1) Potassium
Riboflavin (B2) Calcium
Niacin (B3) Magnesium
Pantothenic acid (B5) Phosphorus
Pyridoxine (B6) Iron
Retinol Zinc
Vitamin C Selenium
Vitamin D Manganese
Vitamin E Molybdenum
Folic acid (B9) Silicone
B12 (Cyanocobalamin)




Contents: pine pollen


Recommended intake: 1 pack in the morning before breackfast

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