Art. 1. These General Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the relationship between Life Ltd., Stara Zagora, 151 Hristo Botev Street, hereinafter referred to as the SUPPLIER, and the customers, hereinafter referred to as USERS, of the online store, hereinafter referred to as "ONLINE SHOP”




Art. 2. Information under the Law on E-Commerce and the Law on Consumer Protection:


Name of the Provider: JIZNEN Ltd

Registered office and registered office: Stara Zagora, 151 Hristo Botev Str

Activity address: Internet


Registration in public registers: UIC 205771660/VAT BG205771660




Personal Data Protection Commission

 Address: 1592, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2,

 Phone: (02) 940 20 46

 fax: (02) 940 36 40





1000A Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Square, fl.3, 4 and 6

Phone: 02/980 25 24

fax: 02/988 42 18

hotline: 0700 111 22




Description of


Article 3 is a website accessible at through which Users may conclude contracts for the sale and delivery of the goods offered there, as well as:

  1. examine the goods, their descriptions, prices and terms of delivery;
  2. receive information on new products offered at
  3. to subscribe to the newsletter
  4. to be informed of the rights deriving from the law through the interface of the website

 Art. 4. The Supplier shall deliver the products requested by the User through the order form of The Provider guarantees the rights of the Users under the Bulgarian legislation, within the limits of the accepted in the practice, the consumer or commercial law, criteria and conditions. 

Art. 5 (1) Users, accepting the Provider General Terms and Conditions, enter into a contract for the sale of the products offered on through the Provider's interface available on its website at The Contract is concluded on and is stored in the Provider's database. 

(2) Pursuant to this contract, the Supplier undertakes to deliver to the User the products ordered through the interface of the Provider. Users may correct errors in spelling, contact information, etc. no later than sending a contract statement with the Provider.

(3) Users pay the Supplier a remuneration for the products delivered under the terms and conditions set and published on The remuneration is equivalent to the price mentioned by the Provider on the website. 

(4) The Supplier shall deliver the products requested by the User within the agreed term and under the conditions mentioned in the General Terms of Use of

Art. 6 (1) All statements made between the User and the Provider in connection with the conclusion of this contract may also be made through electronic statements within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act and Art. 11 of the E-Commerce Act. 

(2) The electronic statements made by the Users of shall be made by the persons specified in the data entered in the order form.




Art. 7 (1) The User enters into a sales contract by filling in the name, email, telephone number and delivery address through the order form of 

(2) After filling in the data and accepting the general terms and conditions by marking in the special field "I accept the general terms and conditions", the User declares that he is familiar with the general terms, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them. 

(3) The Provider confirms the accepted order to the User by sending an e-mail to the email specified by the User. 

(4) The user is obliged to fill in the order form with up-to-date and correct information.




Art. 8 The procedure for conclusion of a contract of sale and purchase by the User shall be performed as follows:

The user chooses to purchase one or more products from the website.

Enter in the order form the necessary data to make the delivery.

Notes in the special box that it accepts the Terms of Use.

By clicking on the "Order" button, the User finishes the order and sends it to the Supplier for confirmation.

Order Confirmation.

Art. 9 (1) Separate sales contracts are concluded for each product ordered through the order form. 

(2) The supplier may deliver the products requested under various sales contracts together and simultaneously.

(3) The exercise of rights for the delivered goods shall only affect the goods for which the contract has been concluded. They have no effect on contracts for other goods. If the User can be defined as a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, the exercise of the right of withdrawal from the contract for the sale of a specific product shall not affect the contracts for the sale of other goods delivered to the User. 

Art. 10 When the User chooses to exercise his rights under the contract of sale, he is obliged to specify with accuracy the contract and the product for which he exercises his rights. 

Art. 11 The User may pay all orders and respective sales contracts at the same time, when the order is executed or when it is delivered.





Art. 12 (1) The clauses in this section of the General Terms and Conditions apply only to Users who, according to the data specified at the conclusion of the sales contract, can be classified as consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Commerce Act and / or Directive 97/7 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 1997 on the protection of the consumer with regard to distance contracts.

2) The provider does not offer and does not deliver medicines prescribed by a doctor to persons who have the quality of a consumer under para. 1 

Art. 13 (1) The products offered by the Supplier are presented with their main features on the site 

(2) The price of the products, including taxes and fees, shall be entered in the profile of each product upon order, as well as in the confirmation email to the User. 

(3) The value of transportation costs not included in the price of the product shall be determined by the Supplier and shall be presented to the Users when selecting the product to conclude a sales contract on the website

4) Payment, delivery and performance of the contract are governed by these General Terms and Conditions, submitted through the Provider's website. 

(5) The information referred to in Article 13 shall be visible to the consumer when ordering the product before the conclusion of the sales contract. 

Art. 14 The User shall decide for himself whether to pay the Supplier the price of delivery of the products before or at the time of delivery. 

Art. 15 (1) The consumer has the right, without owing compensation or penalty and without giving a reason, to withdraw from the concluded contract within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the product. 

(2) The right of refusal under para 1 shall not apply in the following cases: 

- for the supply of goods and the provision of services, the price of which depends on fluctuations in financial markets that the Supplier is unable to control.

- for deliveries of goods made according to the requirements of the User or on his order.

- for the supply of goods which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are subject to rapid deterioration or are likely to deteriorate.

- for unpacked and / or open nutritional supplements.


(3) Where the provider has not fulfilled its obligations to provide information specified in Art. 54 of the Consumer Protection Act, the User has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract within three months from the date of receipt of the goods. Where the information referred to in this paragraph is provided to the User within the withdrawal period, it shall start to run from the date of its submission. 

(4) In case the User exercises his right of refusal under para 1, the Provider shall be obliged to reimburse him in full the sums paid by the User not later than 30 calendar days from the date on which the User exercises his right of cancellation of the concluded contract. The amount paid by the User under the contract shall be deducted from the cost of returning the goods, unless the User has returned the goods on his own account and has notified the Supplier thereof. 

(5) The consumer is obliged to store the goods received by the supplier, their quality and safety during the term under para 1. 

(6) The consumer may exercise his right of withdrawal from the contract with the Provider by making a written statement to the Provider at the address specified above. 

Article 17 (1) The term of delivery of the goods is determined for each goods separately at the conclusion of the contract with the User through the website of the Provider of 

(2) In case the Consumer and the Provider have not set a delivery time, the delivery time of the products is 30 working days from the date following the sending of the Consumer's order to the Provider via the order form of 

(3) If the Provider cannot execute the contract due to the lack of the goods ordered, he shall be obliged to notify the Consumer thereof and to refund the sums paid by him within 30 working days from the date on which the Provider was supposed to fulfilled its contractual obligation.

(4) In the cases of para. 3, the Supplier is entitled to deliver to the User goods of the same type, quality and price. The Provider shall notify the User electronically of the change of performance of the contract.

 Art. 18 The Supplier undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation on the labeling, advertising and sale of food additives. 




Art. 19 (1) The supplier shall deliver the products within the time limit specified in the conclusion of the contract of sale. 

(2) If for any reason the delivery is impossible, the Provider shall notify the User electronically of the reasons for the impossibility of delivery and arrange a new delivery time. 

(3) If the delivery deadline is not mentioned in the contract (para 1), the Supplier shall deliver the goods not later than 1 month. 

Art. 20 (1) The User shall review the delivered product at the time of delivery and delivery by the courier or the Supplier's representative. If there is a reason for complaints, the User must notify the Provider immediately. 

(2) If the User does not submit his claims for claims to the Provider according to para. 1, the delivery of the products is considered approved and compliant. 

(3) The following cases shall not be grounds for complaint: 

-specific taste of the nutritional supplement

- insufficient breakdown of the nutritional supplement 

-specific color of the food additive 

- mismatching the taste of the food supplement with other food additives or with the same nutritional supplement 

- availability of mechanisms for automatic or other type of removal of the protective membrane of the food additive 

-the remaining shelf life of the food additive, which may be considered sufficient for the consumption of the whole food additive.

 Art. 21 For the cases not settled in this section, the rules and regulations of the Commercial Law shall apply.




Art. 22 (1) The Provider protects the personal data of the User in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

(2) In order to protect the personal data of the User, the Provider will send the personal data once to an electronic address entered by the User during the order. 

(3) The User may store data in the User's terminal communication device, unless the latter expresses his / her disagreement. 

(4) The User agrees that the Provider has the right to send to the User at any time electronic newsletters, offers for product purchases, promotions, etc. through electronic communications. 

5) The Provider has the right to collect, store and process data about the User's actions during the use of the Provider's online store. 

Art. 23 (1) The Provider has the right to request the User to legitimize himself at any time and to confirm the data entered by the User in the online order form of




Art. 24 (1) The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions by notifying the users of 

(2) The Provider and the User agree that any amendment to these General Terms and Conditions will have an effect on the User under any of the following conditions: 

- upon notification by the Provider, if the User does not state within 14 days that he does not accept the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions. 

- after their publication on the website of the provider, unless the User states within 14 days of their publication that they reject them. 

(3) The User agrees that all amendments and supplements to these General Terms and Conditions will be sent to the e-mail entered by the User in the online order form of The provider does not need to sign e-mails. 

Art. 25 These Terms and Conditions are published at, together with any amendments thereto.



Art. 26 The distance sale contract and these General Terms and Conditions are terminated under the following conditions:

 - upon termination of the activity by the Provider, upon declaring in liquidation or bankruptcy, the Provider or the User.

 - by mutual agreement of both parties, expressed in writing.

 - in the presence of objective circumstances for non-performance of the contract and the obligations arising from it, on either side of the contract. 

- when the equipment is sealed and / or seized by public authorities

 Art. 27 The Provider has the right, without prior notice and without due compensation, to unilaterally terminate the Contract if it finds that the User uses in violation of these General Terms, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, the generally accepted social, moral and moral standards, as well as breach of generally accepted rules in e-commerce.




Art. 28 The User undertakes to indemnify and hold the Provider liable for legal actions and other claims of third parties (whether or not they are justified) for all damages and expenses (including attorneys' fees and legal costs) arising out of or in connection with (1) failure to perform any of the obligations under this Agreement, (2) infringement of copyright, production rights of broadcasting or other intellectual or industrial property rights, (3) unauthorized transfer to other persons of the rights granted to the User, for the term and under the terms of the contract and (4) incorrect declaration of the presence or absence of quality by a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act. 

Art. 29 The Provider is not responsible in cases of force majeure, unforeseen events, problems with access to the Internet, technical or other objective reasons. 

Art. 30 (1) The Provider is not responsible for breaking into the security measures of the technical equipment on the site and for possible subsequent loss of information, access to information, inability to access information, etc. 

(2) The Provider shall not be liable in the case of a contract for sale, access to information, loss or change of data, etc., by a person with a false identity posing to the User. 




Article 31 (1) The User and the Provider shall protect their rights and legitimate interests, keep the trade secrets that are part of the implementation of this Sales Contract.

(2) Correspondence between the two parties, made during and after the expiration of the contract, cannot be made public. Public domain means its publication in print and / or electronic media, internet forums, websites, blogs and more.

Art. 32 If there is a special contract between the Provider and the User that contradicts any of the clauses of this contract, the special contract clauses are valid.

Art. 33 The existence of any clause in the general terms and conditions does not invalidate the entire contract of sale.

Art. 34 For the outstanding issues in this contract, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria apply.

Art. 35 These Terms of Service are effective for all users as of August 1, 2019.