Bio-certified Soapnuts 500 g.

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  • Manufacturer: Тиера Верде
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Bio-certified Soapnuts from Tierra Verde, certified by EcoGarantie, are a unique solution for eco-friendly and effective laundry. They grow at the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India. The soapnuts are collected by local residents who have been using them for hundreds of years to wash their clothes and bodies.


The shells of the soapnuts contain plant-based saponin - a soap-like substance that is ideal for washing all kinds of fabrics, including those for people with sensitive skin. No fabric softeners or rinse aids are needed because the saponin from the soapnuts softens the water.


Using soapnuts is one of the cheapest ways to do laundry and is suitable for both soft and hard water. The nuts can be used 2-3 times at temperatures up to 60 ˚C and are among the cheapest ways to do laundry. Applying soapnuts is quick and easy - just put the corresponding number of nuts in the provided cloth bag and add them to the washing machine drum with the laundry.

Softeners and bleaching agents are not necessary because the saponin softens the water and does not cause colors to fade.


Washing temperature Number of nuts


Washing temperature

Number of nuts

  Soft water  Hard water
Up to 60 °C 3-4 5
Above 60 °C 4-5 6



For white laundry, 1-2 tablespoons of ECO OXYGEN BLEACH - PUER bleach powder can be added to whiten and remove stains. The composition is 100% bio-certified soapnuts, ensuring high quality and care for the environment.


For heavily soiled laundry, soak in the warmest water possible (according to the type of laundry) and add 1-2 tablespoons of ECO OXYGEN BLEACH PUER - bleach powder to whiten and remove stains before washing in the evening.


For stains, treat the soiled areas with ECO Stain Soap before washing.


Soapnuts are an eco-friendly product that can be composted after use.


Their composition is 100% bio-certified soapnut.


Package: 500 g. (=92 washes)

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