About us

About us

Jiznen's team is made up of young in spirit and energetic people. We are a distributor of the products of several companies in the field of healthcare and we believe that attitudes should be human, not just correct.


One of the companies whose distributors we are - New Era Health Industry Group Ltd . is a state-owned Chinese company engaged in the production and distribution of natural food supplements and personal care products.


It is the only state-owned enterprise in China engaged in the production of health products through direct sales. He has won three times the Class A Trust Award, won only by the People's Bank of China and the Chinese Oil Company. So far, eight international offices have been established. The products are distributed in 20 countries around the world.


Following the principle of "Health is more expensive than wealth", the company has taken the initiative to introduce people to healthy lifestyles and alternative forms of treatment for "incurable" and chronic diseases. The products of  New Era Health Industry Group Ltd. help us to maintain balance and harmony on a physical and mental level, following the holistic principle and considering man as a whole, rather than 'dismembering' it into different organs and systems on the model of Western medicine.


For 15 years the company has become a corporation with an integrated structure consisting of such units as raw material collection, research and development, production, and logistics; the company has four subsidiaries and 31 subsidiaries in China (1,000 specialty stores under the Guozhen brand).


New Era's products are recognized for their high quality - the title of "Healing Products, especially for astronauts and astronautics in China."


And because we believe that in most cases, standard medicine does not look for the root of the problem, but eliminates the symptom through aggressive drugs, we have expanded the range with more environmentally friendly products. In our online store, we hope you will find a suitable solution for the prevention and support of your body to its natural state - health and well-being.

Кратко представяне на продуктите на компания Нова Ера от д-р Мария Папазова.