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Every human organism is made up of billions of cells, which are essential for our health and well-being. Healthy, nourished cells can work efficiently and respond adequately to signals from the environment. In contrast, malnourished and unhealthy cells can lead to disorders in the functioning of tissues and organs, which can contribute to the development of various diseases.


In our modern, time-limited world, people often rely on highly processed foods that may not provide enough nutrients for optimal cellular function. This can lead to the accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in cells, causing cellular starvation and other health problems.


Nutritional supplements can be a useful way to support cell health. While synthetic vitamins and minerals are often well-absorbed by the body, some forms may be less bioavailable than those found in whole foods. Additionally, some synthetic supplements may be harmful in high doses.


Herbal medicine and natural nutritional supplements have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. New Era offers natural supplements based on bamboo and pine pollen that may provide various health benefits. However, it's important to note that the specific benefits and risks of these supplements may vary and should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

9 February 2024 Natural Cosmetics and Homemade Deodorant Recipes

In recent times, more people turn to homemade cosmetics to avoid chemicals and additives found in conventional products. If you want to know what you're putting on your skin, it's easy to make deodorant at home. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of homemade deodorants and provide specific recipes to combat sweating and odor using a few basic ingredients.

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0 0000 Absorption of Vitamin B12: What Makes It Different from Other Vitamins?

Vitamin B12 is a crucial water-soluble vitamin from the B group, playing a pivotal role in the body. It holds essential significance in synthesizing red blood cells (erythrocytes), nucleic acids, numerous neurotransmitters, and metabolites. These components are crucial for normal physiological processes, support energy metabolism, and maintain a high level of immune protection in the body.

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0 0000 Nova Era's Natto Dietary Supplement: Source of Probiotics, Nattokinase, Vitamin K2, and Phytonutrients

Natto represents a rich source of several beneficial components, including probiotics, Vitamin K2, minerals, and enzymes. Enzymes remain unchanged during the reactions they partake in. Moreover, once the resulting products of these reactions reach a specific concentration, enzymes halt their activity. This mechanism shields living cells from harmful effects resulting from metabolic processes.

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