Natural handmade SPA soap with rose clay and black Himalayan salt

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Natural handmade spa soap with pink clay and black Himalayan salt is an author's recipe that is specially created for people who do not have time but want to take care of their skin.

The soap is made with a large amount of coconut oil, which makes it extremely sparkling. Its other ingredients are olive oil, rose clay, black Himalayan salt, and silk, and it is additionally enriched with jojoba and hemp oil.

All these ingredients make sure the skin is healthy, soft, and tender.

The pink clay we use is suitable for sensitive skin. It acts as a mask and has therapeutic and restorative properties, cleans well, tones, and makes the skin soft and smooth by shrinking pores. Extracts of lemon balm, nettle, and calendula are also included in the clay.

Black Himalayan salt has a cleansing and revitalizing effect on the skin, strengthening and tightening it.

Silk makes the skin extremely soft, and if you've tried silk protein soap, you've definitely felt the difference.

Enriched with jojoba and hemp oils, which take care of the softness and elasticity of the skin. It is no coincidence that we have decided that they will be the finishing touch in our SPA soap. After a good deep cleansing, the skin needs to be well-nourished, which guarantees the feeling of comfort.
Feel good in your own skin!

Soaps are made by hand using traditional techniques, with high-quality natural ingredients from renewable sources. Thus, in addition to being good for the skin, Beautiful soaps keep the environment clean. We follow the specially created author's recipe so that the product can meet even the most refined taste and leave hydrated, velvety and radiant, and the driest skin.

The recipe is composed of added oil, which guarantees a creamy texture and rich foam. Well-selected base oils heat up gradually and work at low temperatures, which ensures the preservation of all their useful properties. Made in this way, the soap becomes rich in the glycerin naturally obtained during the saponification process. Glycerin attracts and retains moisture and thus the skin stays hydrated for a long time.

We control every part of the process to get a high-quality and fragrant cream soap that leaves the skin clean, soft, and hydrated and thus keeps it fresh. Feel good in your skin!

Each batch passes a series of laboratory tests that guarantee the quality of each piece of melting pleasure.



  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • pink clay
  • black Himalayan salt
  • silk
  • jojoba.



  • Handmade
  • According to the author's recipe
  • Environmentally friendly / No waste
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Without palm oil


How to use:

Moisten the skin and use the soap with circular, gentle movements. Rinse thoroughly with water. For external use only. Store at temperatures from 5 ˚С to + 25 ˚С.

Packaging: 110 gr




* not present in the final product
** 100% natural ingredients


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