Handmade natural Aroma-soap Lavender and blue clay

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Gently cleanses, nourishes, and softens the skin, while the embedded silk proteins make it incredibly smooth. Give yourself the scent of lavender fields at any time!

The specially developed formula of Aroma-soap Lavender and blue clay aims to reward the skin and senses with the unique and inimitable aroma of lavender fields. Lavender, from which we obtain our essential oil, is grown with love and pollinated with the help of our bees, which make our plants much more durable, with a stronger aroma and beautiful, full flowers.

The aroma-soap Lavender and blue clay is suitable for every skin type and for everyone who wants to be "transferred" to the lavender fields of our Bulgarian land.


Did you know that in the international nomenclature of the names of the essential oils the essential oil of Bulgarian lavender is separated from the other lavender oils? It is no coincidence that Bulgarian lavender surpasses even French lavender in quality *.


Soaps are made by hand using traditional techniques, with high-quality natural ingredients from renewable sources. Thus, in addition to being good for the skin, Beautiful soaps keep the environment clean. We follow the specially created author's recipe so that the product can meet even the most refined taste and leave hydrated, velvety and radiant, and the driest skin.

In Aroma soap Lavender and blue clay contained more coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil. Enriched with hemp oil, quince, and silk. Scent - pure Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

We control every part of the process to get a high-quality and fragrant cream soap that leaves the skin clean, soft, and hydrated and thus keeps it fresh. Feel good in your skin!


Each batch passes a series of laboratory tests that guarantee the quality of each piece of melting pleasure.



  • coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • Castor oil
  • enriched with silk
  • hemp oil
  • blue clay
  • lavender essential oil



  • Handmade
  • According to the author's recipe
  • Environmentally friendly / No waste
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Without palm oil


How to use:

Moisten the skin and use the soap with circular, gentle movements. Rinse thoroughly with water. For external use only. Store at temperatures from 5 ˚С to + 25 ˚С.

Packaging: 110 gr.


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