U-Sin numerological chart

U-Sin numerological chart

The Chinese theory of the Five Elements (the Five Elements) and its application


About 5000 years ago, in the ancient China and India, the so-called theory of the Five Elements has been introduced for the first time. It applies generally to the laws of nature and its basic principles of interaction between all that exists. The theory of the Five Elements is also used to explain the relationship between man and the world around him, as well as to analyze the functions of his body.


Based on this theory, in conjunction with numerology, Julia Ilmari created a unique numerological system combining two components: numerology according to the solar Gregorian calendar and ancient Chinese theory of the five elements- the theory of U-sin . Numerology determines the rules for constructing a conditional map of a person's qualities based on the date of birth . Depending on the problem being solved, this card is called a Psychological Portrait of a Human being, a Health Card, or simply a U-syn card. 


The numerology of the five elements (numerology behind the theory of U-sin) is a system of knowledge and practices for assessing and correcting a person's mental and physical state, as well as for his harmonious material and spiritual development.


What can be seen in the U-sin numerological chart by the date of birth?


Properly constructed U-sin card shows:

  • personal qualities, talents and abilities given to a person from his birth;
  • possible ways of development and realization of a person in both positive and negative direction;
  • health potential;
  • possible causes for his illnesses (congenital, acquired, hereditary, psychosomatic);
  • and much more ...


What role does the five-element theory play in numerology?


The numerological chart shows the qualities of a person at the time of his birth. Over time, a person develops and the real situation depends on a number of additional factors such as:

  • a person's life experience;
  • his upbringing;
  • his surrounding and the events around him etc.


Therefore, for a complete understanding of the psychological portrait and physical health of a particular person, according to his map, it is extremely important to understand the theory of U-sin. U-sin theory involves certain laws, sequences, and relationships for understanding the basic mechanisms of human life. Using this theory, one can evaluate the psychological portrait and health of the person, as well as to see the concrete ways to realize and solve different life problems.


Applying knowledge of the U-sin theory when reading the numerological map helps:

  • to trace the causes of various diseases and find ways to get rid of them;
  • find ways to solve personal problems and succeed;
  • remove obstacles and find the resources and energy to accomplish your life goals;
  • to solve problems of communication with others in the personal and business sphere;
  • to discover and develop their abilities and talents;
  • and so on ...


The five-element theory is unique in that it clearly shows the connection between emotions and feelings and a person's physical health. Therefore, it is possible to determine, through the U-sin card, which illnesses are caused by disharmony in emotions, feelings and thoughts, and it is also clear what life and personal problems are caused by impaired health.


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