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Pine pollen for liver protection "GUOZHEN" 180 Tablets

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It has a protective and regenerating effect on liver cells.


Helps to reduce alcohol, smoking and drug addiction.



  • Has a protective and regenerating effect on liver cells.
  • Has antioxidant, detoxifying effect.
  • Helps to reduce alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction.


Kudzu - In China and Japan, the kudzu is considered to be one of the fifty major medicinal plants. It is mainly used to treat alcoholism and its accompanying symptoms - headache, hangovers, vomiting, dizziness. Reduces the toxicity of alcohol absorbed and helps it to be eliminated faster.


Fructus Phillanthy is known as a sacred fruit in India because of its effectiveness in chronic hepatitis, obesity and hypertension.


Recommended for:

  • Acute and chronic hepatitis, dystrophy and cirrhosis of the liver, fatty hepatosis;
  • Chronic cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, pancreatitis, chemotherapy;
  • Prevention of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system;


Contents: Pine pollen, Fructus Phillanthy, Kudzu


Recommended intake: Up to 3 tablets after dinner

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