Natural color safe washing powder with citronella aroma

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  • Brand:: Амалина
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Natural biodegradable color safe washing powder is an alternative to household chemicals. Ecological detergent, flavored with natural essential oil, without synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances are one of the main allergens available even in baby detergents. 


  • Suitable for baby and children's clothes.
  • Suitable for white and colored laundry.
  • Ecological solution for the household;
  • Economical laundry solution;


In the dry product the concentration of the essential oil is high and the aroma is strong. After washing, the laundry smells slightly of essential oil. Dry laundry has only a slight scent of fresh.



  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Sodaum carbonate
  • Sea ​​salt
  • Plant-based soap base;
  • Citronella essential oil;



How to use

  • For machine washing: 30 g (4 spoons) for 1 washing machine;
  • For hand washing: 10-15 g are dissolved in a basin of warm water;
  • For stains: 1 tsp. dissolved in a small quantity of a vinegar. The stain is smeared and left for 15 minutes, after which it is washed.




  • 800 g, enough for 27 machine washes;
  • Recyclable metal packaging;
  • Dispose of the package in the yellow metal and plastic container. Ecopack will take care of recycling.


Delivery:3 - 5 working days


No animal ingredients, no tests on animal conducted.

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