About us

About us

The Jiznen.com team is the official distributor of New Era Health Industry Group Ltd., the state-owned Chinese company which produces natural supplements and personal care products.


New Era Health Industry Group Ltd. is a state - owned corporation established as a division of China 's military - industrial complex more than thirty years ago, with headquarters in Beijing. The corporation belongs to the high-tech state-owned enterprises, it is registered with the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry of China.


The company is one of 113 state-owned enterprises directly subordinate to the state council, which means that the Chinese state stands by its name behind product quality


Chinese Ministry of Space Industry is an official partner of New Era Health Industry Corporation (Group) Ltd.


The only state-owned company in the world with direct sales. It earns 3 times A Class of Trust - a prize won only by the National Bank of China and the Chinese Oil Company. Eight international offices have been set up so far. The products are distributed in 20 countries worldwide.


Following the principle of "Health is more expensive than wealth", the company has taken the initiative to introduce people to healthy lifestyles and alternative forms of treatment for traditionally "incurable" and chronic diseases. The naturural products of New Era Health Industry Group Ltd. help to maintain balance and harmony on the physical and mental levels, following the holistic principle and treating the person as a whole, rather than 'dismembering' it into different organs and systems following the model of Western medicine.


The company begins to produce products under the brand name " Guozhen " - "Treasure of the country" or "National Wealth". The product range includes: natural nutritional supplements, Shareland cosmetics (a series of skin care beauty factors, restorative series, whitening series, moisturizing series, decorative series),  Jujung  (personal and home care). Using pine pollen and and extract from bamboo leaves as a major component, these products have benefited millions.


For 15 years, the company has become a corporation with an integrated structure consisting of such units as raw material collection, research and development, manufacturing and logistics; the company has four subsidiaries and 31 subsidiaries in China (1000 specialized stores under the Guozhen brand).


The production of  New  Era  is recognized for its high quality - the title of "Health Products, especially for astronauts and astronautics in China."


Expect an assortment of more natural and eco-friendly products soon .

Д-р Мария Папазова - опит, препоръка и резултати с продуктите на New Era

Клипът е заснет на 7 юли 2018 г. по време на 1-вата годишнина от откриването на офиса на Нова Ера в България.