ECO Universal Cleaning Agent

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  • Manufacturer: Тиера Верде
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Introducing the ECO Universal Cleaning Agent, a certified product by EcoGarantie that offers you an easy, fast, and environmentally-friendly cleaning solution.


This versatile cleaning agent boasts a delightful orange fragrance and is perfectly suited for cleaning a wide range of smooth surfaces. From tiles and stone to wooden surfaces, cork, PVC, linoleum, glass, windows, ceramics, cladding, sinks, basins, and kitchen countertops, it tackles them all effortlessly. You can even trust it to wash your car's body, windows, and interior.


The ECO Universal Cleaning Agent is formulated using natural surfactants and saponin derived from soap nuts that are certified organic. This blend ensures high efficiency in cleaning. To use it on smooth surfaces and windows, simply dissolve 3 tablespoons (approximately 50ml) in 10 liters of water and apply the solution to the desired surface. For more stubborn stains, you can directly apply the undiluted agent onto a cloth or sponge.


The option to dilute the universal agent in a spray bottle provides both convenience and cost-effectiveness, enabling you to have a readily available cleaning solution for various surfaces. The recommended concentration is 50ml of the agent per 1 liter of water, but feel free to experiment and adjust the concentration according to your specific needs.


The composition of the ECO Universal Cleaning Agent features a plant-based non-ionic surfactant, extract from soap nuts that are certified organic, and d-limonene. Its ingredients include less than 5% of plant-based non-ionic surfactant, extract from soap nuts that are certified organic, d-limonene, chelating agent (EDDS), and sodium benzoate.


Packaging: 1 liter.

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